01. How to create clipping masks in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will teach you how to make clipping masks in Adobe Illustrator. 

Clipping masks is an important technique to know because it will allow you to transfer your designs to our pattern templates, which you can then upload to Kit Designer Pro so that you can see your design on a 3D model.

Having trouble uploading large files?

In case your Adobe Illustrator file is too big to upload, the solution is to upload the JPG version instead. To do this, in Illustrator go to >File >Export >Save for Web (Legacy). You can then save your design as JPG High.

From there, upload the JPG image and you'll then see it on the 3D model.

After you've submitted your order, email us the original Adobe Illustrator file so that we can use that version for printing of the order.

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